JBang Cataloger

  • Last Updated - April, 29 2021

If you are not familiar with jbang, I suggest you read Using Java for scripting, with Jbang.

jbang allows you to launch any kind of java application or library packaged as a jar available locally, via http/https download or in a Maven repository.

jbang supports creating script catalogs on your github repo. These catalogs are easily sharable through implicit aliasing feature.

As described in jbang documentation, executing jbang hello@acme will run hello alias found in acme/jbang-catalog/jbang-catalog.json of the default branch searched on github, gitlab and bitbucket in that order. This is very convenient to share your jbang scripts with others.

The cataloger has moved to official jbang site - https://www.jbang.dev/appstore/

Learn more about jbang at https://jbang.dev.

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